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A thought for flood victim’s

Please give a thought for all the flood victims, five Australian States have now experienced mass flooding with an area larger than Germany andFrance combined under water in Queensland alone.  More than 1 million homes and businesses have been without power for more than 4 weeks, over 500,000 people are still unable to get to their homes and it may be for more than 6 months before all power is returned and residents can live in their…


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The 365 Project


The one thing about being in Nashville is that there is never a shortage of amazing talent and moving music that tugs on all the heartstrings. I’ve always marveled at those with the…


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From Tom Callos to The Goju-Shorei Systems Group

Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii. 


Because of the tools this NING site provides its administrator, Master McNeill, I'm able to keep in reasonably close touch with what some of you are up to (or at least the messages sent from Master Dave).


In response to his post from this morning,…


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The Power of Collective Effort

My 1,000 challenge was taken up by people as far away as Australia. One group of 50 people in Florida, headed up by Master Turnbull, did 28,783 pushups, 39,884 crunches, 45,380 punches, 40,800 squats, 6,000 kicks, 2,200 step-ups, 300 jumping jacks and 400 weight lifts. That's a lot, no matter how you break it…


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It's That Time Again!

1,000 Push Ups on January 1, 2011


1,000 Crunches on January 1,…


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Recycling? Maybe not.

I buy my Apple computers from Macorama and they recently exposed the fraud of…


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Soooo last night the 22nd  I was driving home from work  going along about 40-45 ok maybe 50 mph and suddenly I could not see for a brief moment and there were 2 hard thumps then I notice that my windshield is broken and the hood of my jeep is crumpled into the windshield. Now I know there were no other cars on the road what the hell…


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Need Inspiration?

Sensei Keiko Fukuda is the last living student of the founder of judo, Jigoro Kano. They are making a film about this remarkable lady and they need donations to complete the editing. Information about the project and how to contribute can be found…

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We have always had a separate ranking certificate for Karate and Weapons. They looked different had different wording, were a different color and different size.

Thanks to Nashville's Sensei Larry Kooyman, Director of Goju-Shorei Karate, for…


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Master Ray Fisher is only the 3rd person to test for and earn their 7th degree Black Rank in Goju-Shorei Weapons. The test was attended by many of his students at his school, ACS Karate, in Chandler, Arizona. Congratulations Sir!!…


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Anyone who has sparred with cancer pays close attention to numbers. Numbers count when the results of regular blood tests come back. My tests are every three months and I'm a little bit nervous when that time comes around. My numbers just came back.

When the number is ZERO, ZIP, NADA well.... that's a…


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For the the last 14 years Master David Turnbull has hosted a Tae Kwon Do camp just outside of Orlando, Florida. This was the second year I had been invited. The event was at the aptly named Camp Challenge.…

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Mark Goblosky owns a martial arts school in Omaha, American Academies of Martial Arts, and he has had reason to donate to the Sunshine Foundation - the original wish granting foundation. In return for his gift he was sent a package of sunflower seeds, and Mark thought of a way to enhance his donationto the Sunshine… Continue

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What is your Motivator?

On October 19th, my wife and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. As many of us have experienced, the economy has limited our celebratory spending. However, I was lucky enough to find a rose gold necklace, that I could afford, to give her for the occasion. I was in the middle of trying to hide it from her and give it to her a bit later at dinner, when she walked out of the bathroom and caught me with my hands trying to close the box and move it out of sight. She immediately looked… Continue

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Putting family first, before any others, is the highest calling..... except for making everyone your family.

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When faced with choices, the hardest choice is usually the correct one.

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Experience comes packaged in mistakes we have committed or observed. Wisdom comes from not repeating those mistakes.

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The one thing that bothers me more than anything else in a class is when students are talking among themselves and not listening to the instructor.

When Grand Master Archie taught me (about the same time dirt was being made) there was never any talking between students when he was speaking. It never occurred to me that anyone would do that.…


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Many styles of martial arts teach the use of only two knuckles - the so called 'focus knuckles'.
Goju-Shorei teaches the use of 6 knuckles (roku yubikansetsu). They are used for a variety of strikes and defenses.…


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Family First

There was a unique belt testing last Thursday, August 5th, at the Elite Martial Arts dojo in Kingston Springs, Tennessee.

The Goju-Shorei motto of, Family First, was present in spades when Ken Latham, his wife Rachel and his kids, Catie, Patrick and Angele all tested for…

Added by Dave McNeill on August 10, 2010 at 6:30pm — 1 Comment

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