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The Friday night healing seminar was well attended and I'm pretty sure everyone learned some basic techniques that they will be able to use in their dojo.

The Saturday clinics were energetic to say the least. During the knife fighting drill the Loudest Award goes to Holli Mills (seated in white top) . The best Uke awards go to Michael Lee (to my immediate left) and Jami Boley (standing, 5th from left). Michael's response to pain is laughter, which is pretty odd when you are trying to make a point of the effectiveness of a technique and all you get is giggling in response.

The seminar was a success in large part due to Master Alan Pepin (kneeling, 1st on left) and his black uniformed students.

My heart felt thanks to all the others that attended. I hope you learned something new.

Most of all I would like to give a deep bow to Sifu Mark Goblowsky (standing, 7th from right). Mr. G as always was the perfect host.





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Comment by Charlette Nichole (Nikki) Kaut on May 11, 2011 at 7:41am
had a BLAST master mcneill! we always learn TONS from you!!!!!!!!!!!! C YOU IN AUGUST!!!!

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