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Visiting and working out at a strange dojo can be problematic for both the visitor and the sensei of the visited dojo.

The visitor is there to work out and learn something new, and has put his safety in the hands of the students and sensei of the dojo. He trusts that he will be working with like-minded martial artists in a learning environment. 

If the visitor is there to do harm the sensei must immediately eject the visitor. 

The sensei may know the visitor casually, or not at all, so he must be highly alert to the possibility of trouble from all the participants, and must assume the responsibility for the safety of the visitor and his students. 

The visitor probably does not know the rules of the dojo and it is up to the sensei to explain them. 

The visitor, when doing techniques or sparring, probably does not know the rules and it is up to the sensei to explain them thoroughly.

Often times the students of the dojo want to establish who is the alpha dog to the visitor and let their egos get out of control. It is the responsibility of the sensei to keep his students in check.

Finally, it is up to the sensei to take immediate charge if things get out of hand or even appear to get out of hand.

Bottom line – The sensei takes on a heavy load of responsibility when accepting a visitor to their dojo, so be cautious. 

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Comment by Aaron Piepmeier on October 26, 2015 at 4:56pm

Well said, Master McNeill. We should all be sensei's as we visit new places. Let's not wait to be lead through the protocol, rules, and etiquette of new dojo's. Instead, let's be proactive and ask the questions that are needed to make our visit safe, fun, and educational. As we know, martial arts is all about asking questions.

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