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A friend and teacher of mine does a free class for a group of people who are so called disadvantaged; Down’s Syndrome, many other issues, etc., well…. you get the point, and sometimes I’ve helped out.


So one day I’m having the proverbial bad day; missed a three foot putt, dog ate my homework, cutoff in traffic, nobody gets my sense of humor, etc. etc. etc. and I walk into the training center while this class is going on. Out of the blue come yells of my name, in a way which is sometimes hard to understand, along with big grins; they call me Kung Fu Guy. I have no clue as to why since I’ve never studied Kung Fu and the place they are at doesn’t teach it either; regardless, I like it. Long story short; they’re having fun and doing things some of us can’t even do. They are doing these things with physical and mental issues that you wouldn’t wish upon an enemy. They do these things like it is last time they will get to do them, and sometimes it is, with grins on their faces and big hearts. After a few hours, I leave the training center with a big grin on my face and thinking, “How Dare I Have a Bad Day!” and thank those folks for straightening me out.


Respectfully ~ Master Mikeal “Bear” Smith

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