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Drive By, NOT THRU

Each quarter at Family First Martial Arts, we implement a character development exercise along with their martial arts curriculum.

What started as a project to inspire our students to look at the world with compassionate eyes of giving and change, has now turned into action that is impacting people all over the country.

In order to earn his next rank, 11 year old Cliff was challenged to find something he'd like to change or help within the community and develop an action plan to bring about that change.

Cliff's vision was to help the growing number of individuals suffering from obesity which could lead to a number of health issues including diabetes, high cholesterol and heart attack. 

The Drive By, Not Thru project is an example that anyone can make a difference in the world regardless of their age. Please take this challenge and pass it along to those around you. Go to the FACEBOOK page for DRIVE BY, NOT THRU , LIKE and SHARE it with your social community! 


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