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From Tom Callos to The Goju-Shorei Systems Group

Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii. 


Because of the tools this NING site provides its administrator, Master McNeill, I'm able to keep in reasonably close touch with what some of you are up to (or at least the messages sent from Master Dave).


In response to his post from this morning, I wanted to reach out to you and say, first, "Happy New Year," ---and then remind you of just how darned lucky you all are to have someone in your life like Dave McNeill. 


I've known him, you may know, for more than 30 years (a lot more) --and I look to him for support, advice, and friendship, which he provides whenever called upon (and a lot of times when he's not called upon, thank goodness). 


I need to/want to acknowledge the almost wholesale support he's given me as a stumble along trying to make my years invested in the practice mean something. He's always offered me encouragement, direction if and when I was being an ass (often), and, well...friendship. It's an art I think.


I can't say I'm dying to be 70 (as today I feel like I'm dying at 51), but I hope that if/when I get to that age, I'm still as vital, involved, and engaged as Master Dave. I feel lucky to be a part of his world. As you know, I created --and Master Dave participated (and still participates) in The Ultimate Black Belt Test. What's important to me about that --is that it's a reminder to do the same, someday, for some young, full-of-him/herself, up-and-comer. When I have more experience and am older than 90% of my peers, I'm going to remember Master Dave's example of getting behind someone and playing full out. I don't seem to do that very well, yet, but then I'm still young, yes?


Thank you Master Dave! 

Tom Callos


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Comment by Dave McNeill on January 4, 2011 at 1:56pm

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