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Please give a thought for all the flood victims, five Australian States have now experienced mass flooding with an area larger than Germany andFrance combined under water in Queensland alone.  More than 1 million homes and businesses have been without power for more than 4 weeks, over 500,000 people are still unable to get to their homes and it may be for more than 6 months before all power is returned and residents can live in their homes again.


Today another flash flood hit one of the larger cities, 10 dead 60+ missing, several communities/towns/cities that were flooded 3 weeks ago and under threat and expected to again have roof high floods in the next 48 hours, with levels expected to peak at 22 metres (around 70 foot).


Several hours ago the dam holding back water from Australia’s 3rd largest city (Brisbane) was forced to fully open its gates, more than 20 suburbs around the city are on high alert and currently being evacuated, again roof high flooding of these suburbs is expected in the next 48 - 72 hours.


We are currently bracing for our second flood in less than 4 weeks, although we are luckier than others are around the country.  Much of the city was flooded, but our house remained dry with the water falling just shy of our front door, and flood levels receded within 24 hours, we are expected be hit with up to 200 mil of rainfall every 24 hours over the 2-3 days and are bracingfor more flooding, but as I said we are lucky its nothing near what Queenslandis facing.


So please give a thought for those so less fortunate.

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