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I’ve been traveling by plane a lot lately, and I have to admit that I really enjoy hearing the exclamations of delight when I use the crook of my cane to snag my luggage off the baggage claim conveyor, rather than trying to muscle my way through the wall of people.

My flashlights (yes, I carry more than one) have proven extremely useful finding that “thing” that fell on the floor and, of course, rolled under another row of seats. As you are reminded before exiting the plane, it is a good idea to “check all around” to make sure you don’t leave something.  Looking into the corners of the overhead compartments is safely and easily done with a flashlight. And to my way of thinking, shining a light down into those seat back pockets is a WAY better idea than sticking your hand in there amongst the trash and gum and other stuff left by the previous passenger.

It is so much easier to wrangle all my stuff with my numerous oversized carabineers. They are as effective as any bungee cord – especially since bags already have straps, handles and such.  And unlike a bungee cord, I then don’t need some kind of container to keep them all neat and straight – no fuss, no muss – easily stored and accessible.

I always have a magazine.  I used to just use the one in the seat back pocket, but lately I’ve been buying a magazine before boarding.  My life is VERY busy. There is so much to do – all the time – and so much of that time is spent on one electronic device or another.  I now use this as an opportunity to actually pick something of interest that may or may not be part of “what needs to get done” and just enjoy reading.  For me, it is different than buying a book.  There is something that feels luxurious about purchasing a magazine. Treating myself this way and the physical act of turning the pages as I work my way through it has a calming, relaxing, and mentally restorative effect on me. 

The one item I almost always carry, but can’t have on me when I fly anymore is a small knife with a 2 or 3 inch blade.  It is (o.k. – o.k. – “They are”) in my checked luggage when I fly.  Otherwise, you can count on the fact that I have a knife of some kind with me, on me, most of the time. I’d be overwhelmingly rich if I had even a nickel for every time I’ve used a knife to open a package or a box, or cut tape, or cut a string off a piece of clothing, or cut a piece of rope or cord to length, or cut up some piece of food… (And yes - of course I sharpen it and keep it very clean!)

Self-Defense in its everyday practical application.

There are, most certainly, tactical uses for all the above too, and if that becomes necessary, I’ll have what I need on hand. Note that this is the case not because I was expecting trouble, but because I already use these things all the time, everywhere, to make my life easier, healthier, and safer.

Goju-Shorei Weapons - it is ALL about things you will actually be able to use because you will, and will want to, have them with you.


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