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My TKD 8th Dan Project/Thesis - the "Subjective Object"

The Subjective Object

So this is a picture of the complete wooden version (including flashlight) of the Subjective Object (Also Known As "Fred") with the additional 3D printed version that I later made.

So what is the Subjective Object?

It all began with a blog post on perspective and this image.  It got me wondering if I could actually make it out of wood.

I knew that I could take a wooden dowel and in cutting it could make a shape that would cast two shadows, but the third shadow - the triangle - that would be the tough part. Little did I know how hard it would end up being.  Suffice it to say that the first angular cut was easy, but making the opposite matching one not only proved difficult - it was also dangerous.  Eventually I was able to make three large ones and two smaller ones, without losing any fingers or impaling any one or any thing. The "stage" I made out of plywood, and I suspended the "Subjective Object" (nicknamed "Fred") on some all thread.  
Here is my very first completed model, with some extra cuts on the stage and extra holes in the object itself that I used to figure out exactly what needed to go where. 
If you look back at the beginning of the post, you'll notice that Soke's completed set looks nicer...  sanded and finished. 
You will also notice a dark gray plastic version of the object itself sitting on the stage.
Once I realized how dangerous and difficult it was to cut it out of wood, I thought that there had to be another way to make it.  Being a computer person, I decided to learn how to create a 3D image that could be printed.  We have a nice 3D printer at the K-12 school where I work, so ... viola!

Check out a test run of my wooden version...
and Triangle!
"Seeing is believing" - you know?
But here is a perfect example that while that may be true, we are probably not seeing the entire "picture" - heck in this example we are not even seeing the object itself - only a shadow.
A shadow that depends not only on our point of view - our perspective - but also on the placement of the light source!
As senior martial artists, we tend to get set in our ways and our views at our own peril I believe.
I further believe that even when we are open to other points of view, we really need to remember that as higher ranked students we are often directing the light source too.
Senior martial artists can't afford to settle for what we already know - what we already see.  To do so is to deny ourselves and our students.
With rank comes responsibility, and an obligation to continue to work on learning, looking, and growing.  
This journey and the blog I wrote an entry for every day since February 1, 2016 - www.growingtowards8.blogspot.com - has been an amazing experience.
I'm not done growing, in fact, I'm more determined than ever to grow INTO this TKD 8th Dan and my Goju-Shorei Weapons Directorship, and that is why this "Subjective Object" project/thesis has meant so much to me.  
I am really and truly excited about what the future holds.
What will it be?  I don't know for sure, but I can't wait to see and I'm sure it will be enlightening!
Love and Respect,
Kathy Wiz

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Comment by Mark Kilby on June 12, 2016 at 1:13pm
Ma'am - What an awesome thesis!  I could see it used in a number of ways.  It has lessons for those new to martial arts as well as instructors, for understanding how to work with new students or other martial artists, and even how to deal with life changes.  Each shines a different light from different perspectives.
The only way we can continue to get to know Fred is to look for these new perspectives and light sources.  When we fail to look for these opportunities, we truly are missing opportunities to grow to our potential as martial artists.

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