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Tom Callos of The 100. Method with an Offer for Goju-Shorei Members

Hello fellow Goju-Shorei members (I self-graciously and presumptuously consider myself a part of the extended family --although I've done very little to deserve the honor), this is Tom Callos (just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water...photo by Brian Williams of www.thinkkindness.org).

I am, if you didn't already know, the man about town of avant garde, progressive, forward thinking martial arts business and curriculum tom-foolery, widely borrowed from, occasionally listened to, and in some circles reasonably unpopular.

Due to these credentials, I'm writing you to let you know that I am extending an offer made to one of our members --to all of you, should you like to participate in my on-line dojo for martial arts malcontents and school owners / teachers, The 100. Method.

Tuition is normally $300 a month, as it's for my one on one consulting, plus a giant library of things people like us should know and practice. For Goju-S' members, I tender the following offer:

2 of you may join at a time, together, for $50. That's 2 for $50.

The only stipulations are:

1. You must have a working brain.

2. You must not join and then never show up.

3. You must be doing good work IN your community, thru your school.

If you'd like info I haven't included here, please call me at 530-903-0286. 

This should be kept between us, as those paying $300 a month might take exception to such an offer. I know I would. 

I like helping school owners who help others. 


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