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Goju-Shorei Kata Blocks

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Most, if not all, martial arts systems have some kind of time requirement for grading to the next belt. At the lower levels (kyu) it might be just a couple of months before the student is allowed to test again. 

At black belt (dan) the time between tests is measured in years. A…


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The UBBT and me

In the early 2000s Tom Callos and I were talking at a coffee shop in Reno when he mentioned something he was thinking of doing. He called it the Ultimate Black Belt Test, and when he explained what it consisted of I told him he was crazy, because no one in their right mind would do such outrageous…


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PTSD and Martial Arts

I strongly believe this curative effect would apply to all martial arts.

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Master Dan McCuskey

This is a picture of Master McCuskey teaching pressure point theory and application at my dojo decades ago.

Dan had a heart attack late last week and passed away last night.

He introduced me to pressure point in the 80s by knocking me out with a Lung 1 & 2 strike. I was sold before my butt hit the…


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Learning a martial art from scratch – basics, concepts, forms and vocabulary - is hard. But not as hard as herding butterflies.

Testing for any rank requires a trust in the process, a high level of conditioning and overcoming nerves and doubt. It is hard, but not as hard as herding…


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Seminar in New Jersey

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Model A Teacher To Be A Teacher

If you are in the martial arts you should aspire to be a good martial arts teacher. We look to other martial artists for inspiration, examples and guidance. If we are inspired by our own martial arts instructor then our style of instruction will probably be a close copy.

But I think we should also look…


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UBBT Reminder From 2008

This video is to remind the UBBT alumni of the connections and reconnections that this challenge has afforded us.
To the newbies, this is an example of the wonderful memories you can create with the 2018 UBBT Team.


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New Karate Yellow Belt

Black belt Patti Oji has earned her yellow belt in Goju-Shorei Karate. Traveling once a month from the Bay Area for 2 years, Patti has been diligent and consistent in her studies.

Sensei John Mayes, on the left, was in charge of the test, supported by Sensei Marta Azzam and uke Jake…


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2018 will mark 47 years devoted to Goju-Shorei, and the last year I will be involved. In September, at the black belt test of Family First Martial Arts students in Nashville, I will formally turn over the System to Master Larry Kooyman. I do so with full confidence in his abilities to continue the growth…


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The 1,000 Challenge

Another 1,000 Challenge celebrated with everyone exceeding 1,000 reps. The tradition continues.

Left to Right; Joselio Ramirez, Tim Taylor, Marta Azzam, Ken Mammen, John Mayes, William Chappell, Dave McNeill, Jake Passas, kneeling Pete…


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Nice Blocking Drill

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Master Ross Briggs

Master Ross Briggs has been promoted to 6th Dan in Goju-Shorei Karate.

He has been with Goju-Shorei for over 40 years.…


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Please excuse the language but the message is too important not to share.

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Bassai Dai Kata Application

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18 Temple Motions


It was my pleasure to be able to share a bit of kung fu with Master McNeill’s class on Monday. I am always humbled by the time Master McNeill always manages to make for me and I am in awe of just how lucky some of you are to have such easy access to a man such as him. You guys are very lucky.

The form I taught is a basic six harmony form called the 18 Temple Motions. When I say the six harmonies, I am talking about the hands harmonizing with the feet, the elbows…


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