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Champions Martial Arts - Colorado Springs

I have been doing seminars at this school for 12 years and I love the owner, Todd Bradley, beyond measure because of the quality of his students and steadfastness of his standards.

I taught a 2 hour class on healing Friday - with the awesome help of Mary Ann. Saturday I taught martial arts for 4 hours concentrating on the 6 knuckles of Goju-Shorei and the Roku Empi (6 elbows) kata.

Colorado Springs have 5 military bases in the area so Todd's school has a lot of military students, both active and retired. PTSD is a common ailment of the population and we have been able to treat successfully this terrible side effect of war. We were able to continue this successful treatment at the Friday healing class.

This is the last martial arts seminar I will do before my retirement in September. But it is not the end of the friendship with Champions Martial Arts. 

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