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March 2011 Blog Posts (4)

Aloha from Tom Callos: Tom Callos TV, All Tom, All the Time (ZZZZzzzzz)

Tom TV is an experiment in how to use video, like you can see going to my page on this site, here ----as a tool for communicating whatever it is you want to communicate. 


The interesting thing about the technology, so far, is…


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Grand Master Tu’umamao “Tino” Tuiolosega

Tino Tuiolosega

Grand Master Tu’umamao “Tino” Tuiolosega, the founder of Lima Lama, has passed away after struggling with the results of a stroke for some number of years.


I met the Grand Master through one of his top disciples, Master Ted Tabura, who I've known since the mid '70s.


Both of these gentle men exuded the internal…


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How Dare I Have a Bad Day!

A friend and teacher of mine does a free class for a group of people who are so called disadvantaged; Down’s Syndrome, many other issues, etc., well…. you get the point, and sometimes I’ve helped out.


So one day I’m having the proverbial bad day; missed a three foot putt, dog ate my homework, cutoff in traffic, nobody gets my sense of humor, etc. etc. etc. and I walk into the training center while this class is going on. Out of the…


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You Just Never Know

In late 2009 I developed something I call The Bones. These simply constructed exercise devises, composed of galvanized pipe and lead shot, are a great way to develop strength of the chest, back, grip, arms and shoulders. As for the cardio, it will have you panting inside 30 seconds. Other martial arts schools are now using them and I figured my work was done.…


Added by Dave McNeill on March 3, 2011 at 11:00am — 1 Comment

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