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Video of Matt's Test

Added by Dave McNeill on August 28, 2013 at 2:35pm — 1 Comment

Testing For Goju-Shorei Black Belt

August 25th, Matt McBride tested for his 1st degree Black Belt in Goju-Shorei Karate. The testing took place at Evolution Martial Arts Academy, in Sparks, Nevada. The test was successful for Mister McBride due in no small part to the courage and support of the…


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Often in martial arts we talk about maintaining proper balance, keeping a specific posture and developing a kinetic chain to deliver power. I'm going to briefly write about a slightly different angle on balance, posture and power. The subject of this blog is stealing those attributes from your opponent. The Japanese term for this is "Kazushi".

Your opponent's…


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Another Giant Falls

Grand Master Ted Tabura has passed. First met him in the 70's when he did a seminar in Reno, and we later worked together to bring a Handicapable Divison to his tournaments in Laughlin, Nevada.

He was one of those people that always had a smile for you. I saw him angry a couple times and that was a sight to behold - didn't raise his voice, but thunder and…


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Distance Doesn't Matter

Friday I sat on a 4 hour Black Belt testing board for Elite Martial Arts in Nashville, Tennessee, and never left my office in Minden, Nevada.

Skype and FaceTime cuts travel time and costs to zero for events like this, and can even be used to teach distance classes.

There are…


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Injuries Happen in Martial Arts

Martial arts is not flower arranging. Injuries happen. If you are studying martial arts there is a risk of an injury happening to you. If you are injured keep on training even while the injury is healing.

If you rely on your hands to make a living, just understand and accept the risk of injury if you sign up for any martial arts. No complaining, it is a risk you assumed.

This hand belongs to a professional musician.…


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