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“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.” Ian Maclaren.

It starts with passing out 2 to 4 rocks to each student and telling them to put the rocks in the bottom of the tennis shoes they had been instructed to wear to class. 

The now rocked-up students are told they cannot limp or show any discomfort for the duration of the class. Violation of this rule will be rewarded with additional rocks in their shoes. 


      To heighten the awareness that many people are in pain or ailing and we ignore their troubles. For many people pain and illness are part of their everyday lives. 

      And as a reminder that none of us are defined by our pains or ails. We are, instead, defined by how we address our troubles and rise above them. We are marked by our triumphs over adversity, not succumbing to the travails of our existence.

After the workout, the students are told to put the rocks in a place where they can see them everyday as a reminder of the brief period of time they were not defined by their discomfort.

Several weeks ago I was honored to gift the Rocky Workout to about 400 adult and young adult black belts belonging to the Ernie Reyes West Coast World Martial Arts Association. It was at their Mastery Test and they mastered the Rocky Workout. Kudos.


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Comment by Ray A. Fisher on July 21, 2015 at 9:37am

Soke, I remember when you did this to me during one of my Black belt tests. A curveball, as you said. It was truly a challenge. Especially, for one who has ankle and feet issues. I remember it well and it is now in my box of "curveballs" to challenge my students with as well. Thank you for the memories, Sir!

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