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January 2016 Blog Posts (4)

Hawaiian Collection #1 - $380

Kona wood display knife (12.5 inches) with 6 inlaid crushed seashell circles representing the 6 main islands of Hawaii and blue stone chips inlay in the handle. The stand is lace wood from South America.

Cane is hickory with a large crushed seashell Hawaiian hook inlay and blue stone chip inlays above and below the hook. Two spiral grooves cross each other the length of the shaft.

$380 for the whole set.…


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Kick your Weapons sparring into the next galaxy!

In case you haven't seen, or heard of these things, there are high quality LIGHT SABERS out there that you can Spar with!

Here's a link to some videos of a camp I did recently: Click Here

I'm hosting the DFW Star Wars Fan group at my school tomorrow. The plan is to do some training first, followed by live sparring. I'll post some additional links, and/or…


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Self Defense... Taking Care of Yourself... Pressure Point P6

Acupressure Points's photo.
I call P6 - Pericardium 6 - "Puke 6"... as it is so good for relieving nausea.  Those sea sickness bands you can buy at drug stores work on this point.
MOST FAMOUS POINT for relieving nausea, an upset stomach, anxiety,…

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Koa Knife

Koa wood (from Hawaii) training/display knife (13 inches). The six round seashell inays represents the 6 main islands of Hawaii. The blue stone chip inlays are for the currents and waves that feed these islands.…


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