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Kick your Weapons sparring into the next galaxy!

In case you haven't seen, or heard of these things, there are high quality LIGHT SABERS out there that you can Spar with!

Here's a link to some videos of a camp I did recently: Click Here

I'm hosting the DFW Star Wars Fan group at my school tomorrow. The plan is to do some training first, followed by live sparring. I'll post some additional links, and/or videos, afterwards.

Here's the company I'm currently buying my equipment from ULTRASABERS. There are others out there as well.

It adds a really FUN twist to our traditional training and may bring in a whole new student base in your area! Think about it, most of our cane techniques work just fine with a stick or sword. Why not a Light Saber? :-)

Have FUN!

-Master Turner

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