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Champions Martial Arts - Colorado Springs

I have been doing seminars at this school for 12 years and I love the owner, Todd Bradley, beyond measure because of the quality of his students and steadfastness of his standards.

I taught a 2 hour class on healing Friday - with the awesome help of Mary Ann. Saturday I taught martial arts for 4 hours concentrating on the 6 knuckles of Goju-Shorei and the Roku Empi (6…


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You Do Make A Difference

If we teach martial arts we always hope that we will have a positive, lasting effect on our students. Seldom do we get confirmation that we made any difference to them, so I was thrilled when I got such confirmation twice within a week.


Mary Ann and I went to a Carson City restaurant mid-afternoon. There were only two other tables…


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Hickory Canes Needed

I am in need of unfinished hickory canes 36 to 38 inches long. If anyone knows of a company that makes raw, unfinished hickory canes please let me know.

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