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Dave McNeill's Blog – June 2011 Archive (4)

The Little Things

Recently, in conjunction with an Obon festival, I visited a Buddhist church in a small town on the Idaho/Oregon border. The summers in that area are very hot and the unshaded doors of the church were facing directly west. In consideration for any members who chose to visit the church in the heat of the day the handles to the front doors were loosely wrapped in soft cloth. The…


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Combined Martial Arts National Training Seminar

This last weekend I got to team up with the American Jiu-Jitsu Karate Association International and the International Okinawan Budo Kai at Sierra Jujitsu in Carson City, Nevada. There were teachers from Washington D.C., Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, California and…


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AFTER The Gathering

We started off with a successful blood drive and went directly to a


Which included back and neck…


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Prof. Wally Jay

We were in the middle of a video shot in Atlanta, Georgia when I got word of the passing of the great martial artist, Prof Wally Jay. The few of us that had met or knew him were stunned and saddened. The others that had never met him realized the extent of the loss by our demeanor.

That was Prof. Jay; he effected people whether they knew him or not. He cast a very wide…


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