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Chado and Kata

I have been telling my students for years that everything matters when it comes to performing a kata: the placement of the hips, the movement of the feet, the retreating hand, the angle of the foot, the depth and width of a stance, the tilt of the pelvis, the breath, the targeting - everything counts. And everything means something. I can't speak for katas that do not come…


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The Friday night healing seminar was well attended and I'm pretty sure everyone learned some basic techniques that they will be able to use in their dojo.

The Saturday clinics were energetic to say the least. During the knife fighting drill the Loudest Award goes to Holli Mills (seated in white top) . The best Uke awards go to Michael Lee (to my immediate left) and…


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I’m big fan of The Bones (I developed them after all) and weight equipment in general. But there are some simple body-weight exercises we do that will increase your strength, build your endurance and burn a lot of calories.


THE 300.

Perform 100 pushups, 100 squats and 100 crunches in less than 7…


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Fantastic Video

MARTIAL ARTS SCHOOL OWNERS AND INSTRUCTORS: This is the kind of artful, dynamic video that will bring new students to you. This video sets the bar very high, but if you're not trying to reach that bar on your web sites or in your social media you're missing…


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