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March 2015 Blog Posts (5)

Shu Ha Ri

Shu Ha Ri article from KARATEbyJesse.

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Tick, tick, tick

At least twice a month I have lunch with my instructor of almost 45 years, GM Archie.

I cherish these moments as we talk about martial arts, our private lives, martial arts, funny memories, martial arts.

I hope all martial artists are able to establish and maintain a close relationship with their instructors. Time passes quickly so if you haven't contacted your sensei for awhile, do so now. Tick, tick, tick.

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Control Points

I've written previously on the overall strategic goal of breaking down an opponents structural integrity, and of the specific tactics of blending, entering and avoidance footwork to keep your power and integrity intact while weakening and misaligning him. Let's add some more specific tactics to your arsenal. 

As you come into contact distance, whether…


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“The Rocking Horse” (with the Flashlight)

“The Rocking Horse” (with the Flashlight)

Make sure you read my previous post – “The Rocking Horse” (with the Cane)



Disrupt – Shine/Flash the light into attacker’s eyes forcing them to lean BACKWARDs/away

 (The light will NOT blind them, but it…


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"The Rocking Horse" - with the Cane

One of My Favorite Concepts – “The Rocking Horse”(with the Cane)…


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