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6,000 Hours

6,000 hours is the amount of time my student John has spent flying planes of different types, from props (1 and 2 engine) to jets. He has spent 200 hours in the Grumman Mallard pictured above.

Saturday all that cockpit time paid off. 

We were going to fly to Death Valley to spend the weekend and John wanted to take his beloved Mallard. It was…


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Another Goju-Shorei Black Belt

Goju-Shorei attracts people of great talent in many different areas. I recently posted a video of Dani Carroll and now here is Skip Ewing. Both people wrote the songs (plus hundreds more) that are featured in these…


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This little girl sets a high standard for child and adult alike.

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What a Goju-Shorei Black Belt can look like

This episode of Nashville Unleashed features Dani Carroll Kooyman at the 20 minute mark and a bit at the end. Dani (the wife of Goju-Shorei Karate Director Master Larry Kooyman) is a Black Belt in TKD and Goju-Shorei Weapons System as well as the Ultimate Black Belt Test.

Her martial and musical skills are at the elite…


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