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Goju-Shorei Karate Green Belt Technique #9

Don't forget to do the self-directed add…


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During cane class Tuesday I taped marbles to the bottoms of the feet of 4 people, and I taped three of their fingers down. Now they were roughly at the mobility level of Nicky (fourth from left) who has Cerebral Palsy. An hour of walking on marbles, swinging a cane and defending themselves gave a nano second experience of what Nicky goes through daily.

Nicky is…


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The Belt Should Mean Something

Saturday, at open mat for BJJ, we were visited by a two stripe blue belt that had some serious skills, which he displayed on most everyone. Finally our instructor, a brown belt, rolled with the visitor and the skill level differences were telling. The visitor was tapped out in about 15 seconds the first time, 30 seconds the second time and about a minute the…


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