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The one thing that bothers me more than anything else in a class is when students are talking among themselves and not listening to the instructor.

When Grand Master Archie taught me (about the same time dirt was being made) there was never any talking between students when he was speaking. It never occurred to me that anyone would do that.…


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Many styles of martial arts teach the use of only two knuckles - the so called 'focus knuckles'.
Goju-Shorei teaches the use of 6 knuckles (roku yubikansetsu). They are used for a variety of strikes and defenses.…


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Family First

There was a unique belt testing last Thursday, August 5th, at the Elite Martial Arts dojo in Kingston Springs, Tennessee.

The Goju-Shorei motto of, Family First, was present in spades when Ken Latham, his wife Rachel and his kids, Catie, Patrick and Angele all tested for…

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