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Dave McNeill's Blog – January 2016 Archive (2)

Hawaiian Collection #1 - $380

Kona wood display knife (12.5 inches) with 6 inlaid crushed seashell circles representing the 6 main islands of Hawaii and blue stone chips inlay in the handle. The stand is lace wood from South America.

Cane is hickory with a large crushed seashell Hawaiian hook inlay and blue stone chip inlays above and below the hook. Two spiral grooves cross each other the length of the shaft.

$380 for the whole set.…


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Koa Knife

Koa wood (from Hawaii) training/display knife (13 inches). The six round seashell inays represents the 6 main islands of Hawaii. The blue stone chip inlays are for the currents and waves that feed these islands.…


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