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Master Stone's Business Advise 101 - 3

Mutually Exclusive?????

I am often told that good businessmen and good martial artists are more often than not, mutually exclusive. I mean, how can you focus on creating good students and at the same time pay attention to the bottom line? Over…


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One Picture Worth 1,000 Words

Even if you don't understand the words.

This is such a powerful video promoting women's self-defense, even though it is for BJJ and in Portuguese, the message is unmistakeable.


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Master Stone's Business Advise 101 - 2

Looking from the outside in.

How many times have you been watching your students and thought, "How are they not getting this?  It's so simple: step to the right and knock them out". Everything is so clear from across the room. Even if they are senior students, and the answer is literately staring them in the face, they keep missing it.

When I was kid, my parents would always say "you always have to learn things the hard way, don't you?"

Are you…


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