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Goju-Shore Karate has very specific techniques the student must learn for ranking. These techniques are spelled out in great detail, with specific directions on kinds of attacks, type of blocks, counter attacks, movement and timing.


The current techniques have a long, established and unique history, but now there is a change. The curriculum techniques should be thought of as the first part of every technique. Each student must contribute their own additional moves at the end of the written technique. The self-directed add-on should flow smoothly and take advantage of any opening presented by the Uke.


 The important part of this curriculum addition is that the student should be expected to exhibit a somewhat different add-on every time they do the technique. The Uke must react differently to each technique; as an example, one time stepping back, the next time counter-striking and the next time bending over. The Uke is the key to forcing the Tori to change up their add-on.


With this addition to the curriculum the student is empowered to display their mastery of the basics at each level of ranking, while at the same time sharpening their skills to react to changing openings and targets.

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