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I know everyone is excited about doing 1,000 pushups on the 1st of January. After all we have been doing this for a number of years and everyone trains all year for this day.

I plan on starting very early and throwing in 1,000 crunches and 1,000 squats, but that’s just my plan. I’m sure all of you have your own plans.

For the very few that won’t be able to do the 1,000 pushups because of injury or time constraints I have some alternatives to suggest.

A. 1,000 minutes of consuming just water. A mini-fast if you will. 16.5 hours of eating no food, but plenty of pure water, giving your stomach a vacation.
B. 1,000 calories. As an alternative to (A) consume just 1,000 calories for the day – many children around the world are doing the same everyday.
C. 1,000 steps. Walk 1,000 steps without stopping. Depending on your stride that’s about a half a mile. Do it more that once if you are able.
D. 1,000 words. Read 1,000 words of poems or great, inspiring, books.
E. 1,000 minutes without TV. Turn the glass boob off. Do anything except watch TV.
F. 1,000 minutes mute. Shhhh. Listen to your quite.
G. 1,000 minutes volunteering or service. Soup kitchens, hospices, Salvation Army bell ringing, battered women’s shelters. The list is endless. Figure it out.
H. 1,000 blessings counted. This will not take you as long as you might think if you examine your life closely.

Why 1,000 anything? Because, as my youngest grandson said, that’s a really big number. And all of us need to do something really big from time to time to remind ourselves that we can.

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