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Master Larry Pool

As mentioned in the October Newsletter Larry Pool, Vietnam Veteran, Goju-Shorei Weapons Black Rank and a

member of Karate International of Clemmons, North Carolina was being treated for brain cancer. I asked for your prayers then, and now I’m asking for your prayers for Larry’s family.
Larry had completed his chemo and radiation, but could not outlast the after effects and died in the company of his family and his best friend, Keith Turpin. He was one of a kind.

Master Andy Tourin

December 11th Andy (kneeling center) was surprised when he was promoted to 6th degree in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu by two organizations; USA Jujitsu & Martial Arts Federation and American Teachers Association of Martial Arts (A.T.A.M.A.). This promotion was long overdue and extremely well deserved. Congratulations Andy!!

Who Is Next?

An old friend, Master Ramsey, told me he has trained his replacement 10 different times, but each time something happened and there is still no one to pass on his System to.

Any head of a martial arts System must be concerned about the continuation of their art, and so they train their students to be teachers, and hopefully someday one of those well-rounded and knowledgeable teachers will become the Soke. Only in this way can their particular System continue to grow.

As a bare minimum, whoever the System is passed on to has to be versed in the complete curriculum – not a piece of it, but the whole ball of wax.

In the case of Goju-Shorei that encompasses Karate and Weapons and the healing aspect.

The question that is constantly in front of me, tormenting me, is, Who Is Next for Goju-Shorei?


The 7/10 theory:

When executing a front punch or reverse punch if the punch travels forward with the force and speed of 7 the opposite shoulder should pull back with the force and speed of 10.
Try it and I think you will be surprised by the power and speed this little adjustment will generate.


However you celebrate this time of year I hope and pray you do so wholeheartedly and with joy and security.

A dear friend of Goju-Shorei, Jan Elaine, has produced and recorded an instrumental Christmas album that has just been released. The piano and guitar music is really fantastic, and perfect for the season. You can order this amazing album, Eller/Martin Christmas Project at JanElaine.com.

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