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Yellow Goju-Shorei Gen2 Strikes 9-12

By the time you finish looking at this post you will have seen the three new strikes that have been added to the original 13 strikes.

"Gen2" really began with the addition of the collar bone Strikes #7 and #8 
(detailed in the previous post)

*AND* in this post you are introduced to my new favorite "Jack the Jaw" Strike #10

The other thing you'll notice, if you were familiar with the original 13 strikes, is that the secondary strikes are no longer automatic with the groin strike (was and is still Strike #3) and the last two strikes in this post that are to the neck.

WHY?  Because we ought to be able to add strikes on to ALL techniques, not just a few and we will follow up on that as we progress through the Yellow rank material.

As in the previous post... below you will find for each technique:

- a picture straight from the manual of the written out detailed description
- a link to a YouTube clip
- and finally the clip itself embedded in this very post

At the end there is a link and the actual embedded video of all four techniques, one right after the other.
There is no sound to the video clips in order to keep their file size as small as possible for this particular format.



Kathy Wiz

Katherine A. Wieczerza

Director of Goju-Shorei Weapons









Yellow Goju-Shorei Gen2 Strikes 9-12


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