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Thoughts after Pouncing Tigers February Break Kids Program

After the busiest week at the center that I've had since I started, I have a number of thoughts running about. 

* I have the BEST job ever!
* I see my martial arts journey growing and progressing every day.
* I love seeing people progress at something I love.
* In keeping with the Goju-Shorei mindset: First, members of this Family recognize the healing arts as the highest form of Martial Arts. (it's been running through my head for a few days)
* I'm psyched to see what happens next. (big promotion next week = new belts for tons of kids, and new curriculums to learn!)
* I'm feeling so centered, lately. (I love Qigong practices.)
* My boss and team are ever inspiring and encouraging.
* So happy that I'm grappling and training as a student again.
* It's weird to feel like a lego. (I dislocated my pinky finger the other night, and Mr. Gibson reset it pretty effortlessly. It was awesome getting snapped back together, but unsettling to think about how things can just snap in and out like that.)
* I totally buy into Acupuncture in a way that's no longer theoretical.

That's all for now. There are a ton more, but I don't want to totally overload the feed. Peace!

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