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I invite any martial artist, particularly if they are a Goju-Shorei martial artist, to submit a post to the Goju-Shorei blog site (www.gojushorei.ning.com). Here are some guidelines.



. You must be a member (it’s free) of the Goju-Shorei blog site.

. The post must be about martial arts. I trust there will be a lot of posts about Goju-Shorei martial arts.

. No posts about religion or politics will be accepted. There are plenty of blog sites for that.

. All posts must include photo(s)/video(s) germane to the post.

. Nudity will be viewed, judged and possibility archived, but not posted.

. Swear words will eliminate the possibility of the post being accepted.

. Content counts. The post should be informative and instructive.

. Grammar counts.

. Spelling counts.

. Advise me of what and when you plan on making a post and I will insure that there are not duplicate subject matter posts in the wings.


Posting Order.

. If it’s a video put it on YouTube first.

. Post the video/article to www.gojushorei.ning.com/profiles/blog/new

. Enter the appropriate tags for the post.

. Unless you are an Administrator your post must be approved before it shows on the site.

. If you are authorized, send out a Message Broadcast announcing the new post. If not, contact myself or one of the Directors and have them do so.

. Share with Facebook.

. On Facebook share with people who may be interested in your posting.

. Also share with the group, Goju-Shorei Systems, on Facebook.


When to Post.

. For maximum exposure the best times to post are Thursday night, Friday afternoon, Sunday afternoon, or on a three day weekend, Monday afternoon.

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