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It’s the annual resolution time; new diet, new goals, new job, new accomplishments, etc. We’ve all done it for years, and we all have a miserable success rate. At the end of the year we look back on the shards of our resolutions – yet again.


Here is my 2012 Resolution, and I invite you to join in or tag along.


I resolve to be Relevant.

Relevant in my decision making

Relevant in my well being.

Relevant in my studies.

Relevant in my relationships.

Relevant in my teaching.

Relevant in my health.

Relevant in my examples.

Relevant in my practices.


Relevant in my resolve.


I deeply hope all that are reading this will have a magical, inspiring and healthy 2012. I know I will. 

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Comment by Tom Callos on December 30, 2011 at 4:27am

Master Dave, 

I greatly appreciate this note --and the wisdom and humility behind it. For many years you were, to me, someone I knew of, a referee, a tournament competitor, and part of a "rival" (but friendly) school. Over time however, you have become a friend, a mentor, and someone who when he speaks, I listen. 

I'm very grateful for your friendship --and thank you for keeping me in this group. I plan to be relevant to your efforts in the martial arts world. 

Tom Callos

Comment by KAI LI on December 30, 2011 at 1:51am

Mahalo nui loa Soke! Excellent resolution.

To be "relevant" is to be true. A jesuit priest friend of mine shared with me this week to consider three things before saying anything:

1. Is it true

2. Is it necessary?

3. Is it kind?

To be all three is to be relevant.



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