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Through these many years I have seen a lot of failures in the martial arts business. These casters-up results have a lot of things in common: The owners/instructors had passion, martial skills, goals, lesson plans and big well-meaning dreams. In most cases they lacked experience in running a business, so many of them tried to learn on the go. And they went. Others signed with one of the many cookie-cutter billing services. And many of them got baked.


There is one organization I know of that gives practical real-world advice in running a successful martial arts school. The amount of information that comes through this organization is massive and instructive. And the passion with which it is given is undeniable. The advise comes from a highly skilled martial artist who ran very successful martial arts schools and trained, and trained with, some of the top caliber martial artists in the world. To his clients he is available by phone most any time of the day, except for the few hours he sleeps.


I can't see how any martial arts school could fail if they follow the advise that is offered by this organization. There is a cost involved besides just a hat full of pennies. The cost is following the advise you are paying for, applying what you learn, involving yourself 100% in the process and be open to new ways of thinking, acting, training and teaching.


I do not have any vested interest in this organization, I receive no compensation from this organization. My only reason for endorsing this organization is I don't want to see any more martial arts schools sink. I really believe that good martial arts schools are in short supply and these schools are needed now more than ever.


What I'm talking about is the 100. and Tom Callos is the who. I've admired Tom and his enterprises for decades, and I think the 100. is his best work yet.


If you now have a martial arts school, or you are going to start one, I highly recommend the first thing you do is call Tom Callos at (503) 903-0286 or go to his web site, www.the100.us or http://the100info.tumblr.com. I promise you'll never regret it.

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Comment by Danny Sikkens on January 23, 2013 at 8:25pm

This is very true, I can vouch for the 100%. Well written sir.

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