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A tribute to Bob Tackitt from Jeff Denton

 I met Bob Tackitt as I was being introduced to the Weapons System, He was lying on the dojo floor and Soke McNeill, in his true style, barked DO NOT HELP HIM UP! I thought, you are one mean SOB, but since I have great respect for him I listened. Dave later told me if he gets knocked down in a fight he will have to get up on his own, no one will be there to help him. Of course I never thought about that, so my Kind Sensei decided one day to show us what it was like for Bob. "Go outside grab a handful of rocks,goat heads and stickers,  place them in your shoe, today you are a invalid". Since that day all of us who participated had a greater respect for Bobs struggle. 

PS if you ever see Sensei Tackitt on the ground don't help him, I warn you not to even go near him, that cane will leave a lasting impression. My hat is off to you my friend!

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