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4. Members of this Family always honor


Honoring your Teachers, Students and Peers is almost impossible if you don’t, or can’t, honor yourself. Living an honorable life is difficult, but it is something one should strive for in every aspect of daily life.


5. Members of this Family recognize the healing arts as the highest form of

Martial Arts.

One of areas that are unique in Goju-Shorei is the attention and respect given to the wide variety of healing modalities. Prof. Okazaki said, “You break em, you fix em.” as the guiding reason for teaching Seifukujutsu. If you have a training partner that is hurt, and you can’t heal them, then two people are not training.


6. Members of this Family never take the use of

violence lightly, and always endeavor to preserve life

and limb - only as a last resort causing


Karate Ni Sente Nashi (There is no first strike in Karate) said Gichin Funakoshi. The same would certainly go for Weapons and Jujitsu. With training it is very easy to inflict terrible damage to the human body, but we must take extra pains not to do so. An insult, gesture or perceived confrontation does not require a physical response. Walk away, but walk away with confidence.


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