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One of My Favorite Concepts – “The Rocking Horse”(with the Cane)

Combining the principals of

  •           Kuzushi:  breaking balance
  •           and Newton’s first law of motion:  an object in motion tends to stay in motion…


Action is needed - “attacker is in close”- take their attention DOWN Ú

 (Slam tip of cane onto the foot or toe of opponent.)

(Do this “with vigor” - even if you miss the opponents foot, they will usually look down.)


We have them going/looking down, so now we “direct” them back UP Ù

 (Yank the cane up and under the chin.)

(Note that I have let the cane travel through my grip as I’m snapping the cane upwards )

(so that I have a better location for my grip for this strike and for all the following moves.)


Bring them back forward and DOWNward Ú

 (With force, FLICK, the bottom part of the shaft of the cane into their groin.)



We have them going/looking down, so now we again send them backwards and UPwards Ù

(Slam the horn forward and into their face.)

(Continue the strike onto the side of their face so that you can then)

(hook the horn into their back or around their neck...  *see next move*)



So that they don’t fall backwards... hook the horn into their back

or around their neck and bring them back forward and DOWNward Ú

 (Into your knee and then remove your knee so that can continue on to the ground.)


Special thanks to D.J. White for being such a great uke (putting up with me) and

Grisha Wieczerza for trying to make us look good while snapping the pictures!


So now you see if you can come up with your own version of this with the flashlight!

I won't be late again this week... I’ll post a version I’ve got - the day after tomorrow during our normal Goju-Shorei Weapons Wednesday time slot! 


Katherine A. Wieczerza



Director of Goju-Shorei Weapons




Chief Tae Kwon Do and Goju-Shorei Weapons Instructor


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