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“The Rocking Horse” (with the Flashlight)

“The Rocking Horse” (with the Flashlight)

Make sure you read my previous post – “The Rocking Horse” (with the Cane)



Disrupt – Shine/Flash the light into attacker’s eyes forcing them to lean BACKWARDs/away

 (The light will NOT blind them, but it should make them flinch back and away.)




Strike the lower leg to bring the attacker FORWARDs/down

(My choice here was to contact the attacker’s leading leg right under the knee)

(sliding forcefully down the shin – ending up in a STOMP on top of their foot.)




Strike the face with the end/tip of the flashlight, sending them BACKWARDs/away

(Slam the flashlight into their face.)

(Continue the strike scraping the side of their face so that you can then…*see next move*)



Bring the attacker back FORWARD and down

(Use the continuation of the previous strike to now)

(slam the ridged end of the flashlight into their back, or back of their head,)

(and/or pinch – squeeze forcibly – the flashlight toward your own forearm)

(while you place it on the other side of their neck as you)

(facilitate their forwards and down movement. )

(And of course I’m going to add in a knee strike...)

Notice that this implementation of “The Rocking Horse” concept is Backwards and Forwards

whereas last week’s implementation with the Cane was more Up and Down.

So… what do you think?  

What did YOU come up with?


And again I need to thank D.J. White for being such a great uke (putting up with me) and Grisha Wieczerza for trying to make us look good while snapping the pictures!

Katherine A. Wieczerza



Director of Goju-Shorei Weapons




Chief Tae Kwon Do and Goju-Shorei Weapons Instructor



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