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Sometimes we see someone who is far above the norm in athletic or martial arts endeavor, someone who is more fit, maybe, than most, or more successful, or maybe more kick-ass in whatever he or she attempts. It's always easy for the rest of us to rationalize what elevated that person to the top of the competitive chain. Oh, yeah, it's genetics, look at that physique. Oh, she's a health nut, always dieting, spends all her spare time in the gym. He's probably using steroids. She's really lucky cause her mother used to take her to all the meets, etc, etc. 

But is there really some catch to those super achievers' successes?  Yes, I think maybe there is. Let's look at the word CATCH more closely. 

"C", which stands for Commitment. Who do you know who consistently wins competitions, who demands more of his or her physical & mental capabilities than most, who did not first fully Commit to do so? It is from commitment that the discipline to follow through is generated.  

"A", for Attitude. Attitude is everything, we see it all the time. Attitude will determine if we have the will to win (or even show up) or the resignation to not win. "A" could have stood for Ability, but that is not what I'm talking about here. Ability is the summation of all of these five categories.

"T", for Training. The best of the best, at some time in their ascendancy, rely on coaches and/or instructors to hone their abilities. They may also watch videos of themselves or others performing. Certainly they develop workout routines and diets that are specific to their needs and physical parameters, but always, Training. 

"C", for Conditioning. Speaks for itself. Without the proper conditioning, game over. Conditioning could be mental for non-physical sports. Watch the concentration on the faces of the competitors next time you watch a curling match. Conditioning. 

"H", stands for Heart. Of these five categories, Heart can probably not be taught or aquired. It is that inner toughness, the blending of Attitude and Commitment plus something more, something that is specific to the individual athlete. I think one either has it, or one does not. If it's not there I cannot imagine how to infuse it, how to artificially light the inner fires that define Heart. But you know what I'm talking about. It's the Drive that pushes one to the very limits of endurance,  of concentration, of  deprivation in the Will to Win, to be the best of the best.

Personally, I am always hugely impressed by those who are among the best at their game, and I honor the CATCH that got them there.

Pete Bowie 12/8/14

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